Cyber-attacks Growing in South Africa

Cyber attackes

Cape Town – As the hotbed of e-commerce in South Africa, people and companies are being adviced to take-cover; to be more wise and proactive in using technology to protect themselves to limit any damage

South Africa suffered the most cyber-attacks on the African continent in just one year, George Herald reports.

Yet‚ according to a top law firm‚ the private and public sector are not taking the threat “seriously enough’’.

David Loxton‚ from Dentons SA‚ said often cybercrime goes unreported, but research has found that it is growing rapidly.

In a statement‚ issued on Monday‚ he quoted recent figures from Symantec‚ a software security company. Globally in 2015 more than 500 million personal records stolen or were lost and phishing attacks increased by 55%.

In 2014, South Africa had the highest number of cyber-attacks in Africa and losses were estimated at about R50 billion.

Loxton went on to say there were “shortcomings in the justice system’’ which posed a challenge when it came to cybercrime.

Police‚ he said‚ lacked “the resources and specialist skills to take on the complex‚ multijurisdictional investigations”. In addition, laws used to prosecute criminals either do not exist or are inadequate locally and internationally.

“For all these reasons‚ prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to cybercrime‚” said Loxton.

“Companies should be proactive about using technology to protect themselves and at least limit any damage. Thus‚ for example‚ intelligent software exists that analyses all financial transactions as they occur‚ so anomalies are immediately flagged for investigation. This kind of software can also provide deep analysis of company data to uncover some of the common white-collar frauds that can cost companies millions over long periods of time.

“The multinationals are definitely investing heavily in protective technologies, but I fear South African companies are not‚ a short-term approach with potentially devastating long-term consequences.”

In October, last year‚ however‚ John Jeffery‚ Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development‚ said they have been tasked with the “review and alignment of cyber security laws’’ and have been working on the Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill.

Speaking at an event‚ hosted by the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC)‚ he said enhancing cybersecurity and protecting critical information infrastructure are ‘’essential to each nation’s security and economic wellbeing of a country.’’

In addition he warned: “Cybercrime activities are growing fast and evolving at a pace‚ becoming both more aggressive and technically proficient. As such‚ it is a major and growing threat to South African business.’’

The Citizens

The popular and much Strong Nokia 3310 is set to make a comeback This Month.

PHOTO: Pixabay

The Finnish manufacturer HMD, which is the new home of Nokia phones, has announced that the iconic 3310 will be revived.

The 3310 was first launched in 2000 an became one of the most popular cellphones in South Africa, and one of the most successful in the world.

It was known for its superb battery life, its nearly indestructible built and the the much-loved mobile games Snake and Space Impact.

The 3310 was a basic cellphone that was able to send and receive SMSs and make and receive calls. However it was the epitome of the cellphone in the early 2000s, ushering in the era of color-screen smartphones with Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).

The company is set to launch the 3310 alongside two new Android-powered smartphones — the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 — at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 26 of February.

They recently launched the Nokia 6 in China at the price of only  R3 377, featuring a 5.5 inch display with full HD resolution and 2.5D Gorilla Glass for protection.

So at the price of €59, almost R800, this new incarnation of the classic phone could be yours.

Its relaunch is explicitly targeting the European marketplace, while distribution plans for other regions aren’t immediately known.

Tropical Storm (Dineo) Headed to SA

Tropical storm Dineo

According to SA Weather Service twitter account; DINEO expected 2 reach Tropical Cyclone Stage, further intensification is expected & storm 2 reach Intense Tropical Cyclone midday Wednesday

The storm, which is moving over the Indian Ocean and has been named Dineo, is expected to develop into a tropical cyclone. According to a statement issued by the South African Weather Service on Tuesday, the wind will blow at between 118 and 165 km/h by Wednesday morning.

The storm will reportedly only grow stronger after that.

By Wednesday winds of between 166 and 212 km/h are expected and by Wednesday night the storm will reach parts of South Africa and Mozambique.

“South Africa will only start to experience the rain from this tropical system on Thursday over the Lowveld, spreading westwards by Friday,” the SA Weather Service said in a statement.

Inhambane in the south of Mozambique will also experience the heavy rains. Parts of the Kruger National Park will also be affected by the severe weather conditions, which may lead to flooding. But the area will not be affected as badly as the south of Mozambique, said the statement.

According to the weather service it hasn’t yet been determined when exactly the storm will hit South African shores and how bad it will be. But the Ehlanzeni region of Mpumalanga and the Vhembe region of Limpopo are expected to be hit, as well as other parts of Limpopo.

The storm will only develop into a tropical cyclone when it reaches land.

“A tropical cyclone would be associated with extremely powerful, destructive winds, as well as marked storm surge along the coast.”

According to the statement the weather service will monitor the storm and issue regular alerts on its movements. People are encouraged to pay close attention to weather reports.

The central, south eastern and eastern parts of South Africa can also expect widespread thunder showers by Tuesday afternoon.

The south eastern parts of Mpumalanga as well as northern regions of Kwa-Zulu Natal can also expect heavy rains on Tuesday.



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