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A close family friend said the boy died instantly when his neck and back were broken.

An 18-year-old boy was found dead after what appears to have been a hit-and-run incident in Centurion, Pretoria.

Ruan Viljoen, 18, died instantly when his neck and back were broken, said a close family friend, Michael Berning.

“It was discovered that Ruan had a slight accident with his car, and he couldn’t move the vehicle from where it got stuck,” said Berning.

“He then locked the car and walked on foot to look for help when he must have been knocked over.”

Viljoen’s body was found by paramedics on Sunday morning, Rekord Centurion reported.

ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring said paramedics on duty spotted a car on the N14 highway and stopped to investigate.

Berning spoke in detail this week of the agony that preceded the final identification of Viljoen’s body.

He said Viljoen’s stepfather, Sergei Greyvenstein, told him on Sunday that the young man did not return home the previous night.

The two were colleagues and were on their way to work when Greyvenstein conveyed this.

Greyvenstein said his wife was a bit stressed, as Ruan did not come home from visiting his friends.

At the time, they could not get hold of Ruan as his phone’s battery had run out.

Berning said they received a call about a car being found, and he and Greyvenstein went to the spot to see if everything was okay.

“On our way, we saw the police cordoning off an area on the mid-patch of grass of the highway,” he said.

“We did not pay much attention, as we were searching for Ruan’s car.”

They drove on and spotted Ruan’s car a few hundred metres further away from where the investigation was taking place at the time.

Indications were that it had been reversed under a tree.

“We went back to the crime scene to ask who was lying there. The forensics team were still busy taking pictures and doing their investigation.”

Berning said one of the investigators allowed him to take a peek at the body.

“When they opened the face, I could only see one half as he was lying face down. This part was also covered with his hair,” said Berning.

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SGUDI S’NAYSI:  Joe   Mafela receives a lifetime achievement award at the South African Film and Television Awards. Pic: VATHISWA RUSELO. 21/02/2010. © Sowetan

South Africans woke up to the news of Joe Mafela’s passing.
SGUDI S’NAYSI: Joe Mafela receives a lifetime achievement award at the South African Film and Television Awards.

Multiple vehicle collision leaves one dead‚ at least 15 injured
The legendary actor was killed in an car accident at around 10pm on Saturday 18th of March on the M1 North between the Oxford and Houghton Road off-ramps in Johannesburg.

“A motor vehicle accident occurred between a white Ford Fiego and a Isuzu Double Cab on the M1 north after Oxford Rd. Off ramp before 10pm on Saturday 18 March , it is alleged that Joe Mafela who was the driver of the Ford Fiego was declared dead on the scene and the driver of the Isuzu was not injured, both vehicles were towed to the JMPD pound”

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar stated that an investigation to establish the cause of the accident and a charge of culpable homicide which will be investigated.

Mafale was known for his portrayal of Sdumo in the Zulu sitcom “Sgudi ‘Snaysi”( “it is good”¦ it is nice”). He has had an impressive career in film, television and stage.

Mafela made his acting debut in 1964, when he starred in the feature film “Real News” directed by Peter Hunt.

In 1974 Mafela co-starred in South Africa’s first black feature film, “Udeliwe” with Cynthia Shange.

Mafela released his debut music album in 1996 with Gallo Records.

His latest acting work was as Tebogo Moroka in Generations The Legacy.

Mafela became a creative director in the advertising industry and also focused on producing. He became a co-owner of Penguin Films. He began releasing highly successful musical albums. He won numerous awards including a Loerie award for his advertising work and best actor in comedy at the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA). He also received an Emmy nomination.

About his sustained success‚ in an interview he said that: “Acting was never about fame and money. It has been about passion. That is why some of us are still here 50 years on.”

“It is saddening to hear about the passing of a great friend and colleague. We have been working with Joe Mafela since the Living Legends Legacy Programme (LLLP) started. Through the programme he has been instrumental in the shaping of young actors and actresses in the Kwa-Mashu community art centre and at the Market Theatre incubator. He was also a great contributor in the establishment of the LLLP committee.

“He was full of life and loving compassion for the development of the sector. We have lost a treasure‚” said Welcome Msomi‚ Chairperson of the Living Legends Legacy Programme‚ an initiative of the Department of Arts and Culture.

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PHOTO: SGUDI S’NAYSI: Joe Mafela receives a lifetime achievement award at the South African Film and Television Awards. Pic: VATHISWA RUSELO. 21/02/2010. © Sowetan