CAPE TOWN – Look out, Mpumalanga! According to SANParks, another four lions have escaped Kruger National Park, and are on the loose around the village of Matsulu, just outside the reserve’s borders.

The male lions reportedly escaped on Sunday night, and were spotted in the village and immediately reported to SANParks.

“KNP Rangers and their counterparts at the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) are in the area searching for the lions and we will give details as soon as they have appraised us,” says Kruger National Park spokesperson William Mabasa.

The parks authority has advised Matsulu residents to be extra vigilant, and any sighting should be reported to police on 0800 10111.

This is not the first such escape this year. Back in May, five lions slipped out of the park, and only four were ever found.

Twitter users have seen the funny side of things, taking to social media to laugh about the fleet-footed felines:

Lions have escaped the Kruger National Park again.

Almost as if they aren’t supposed to be in captivity in the 1st place. 


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