According to the UCT website, Amoni grew up in a missionary family where he was exposed to the sick and vulnerable in rural communities. Matthew says he always knew he wanted to be a doctor and help people. But he also loved the thrill of inventing things and fell in love with aeronautical engineering at a science fair.

The former Pretoria Boys’ High pupil says it took a canny biology teacher to persuade the him to pursue all his passions. Back in high school, he never imagined he’d be able to combine his paired interests in an dual degree programme that’s awarded him a BSc (Med) (Hons), a master’s degree in cardiac physiology, and an MBChB, astonishingly at the age of 25.

Speaking of this experience, Amoni reportedly says: “Being 16 or 17 and transitioning into early adulthood, you start to think about how you can impact the world, how you can impact your community.”