PHOTO: Jameson Hall UCT in 2016. Image by: RUVAN BOSHOFF


CAPE TOWN – The university if Cape Town are trying to indentify some culprits who attacked anti-abortion group on campus.

Wandile Mhlongo‚ chairman of Students for Life‚ said a group of people claiming to be pro-abortion were responsible for acts which he called “intolerant”.

He said: “I believe they have a right to oppose us at some level‚ but the way that has been carried out has infringed on our own rights to run a legitimate student society. The harassment and theft we have experienced need be accounted for.”

Mhlongo said his group was aggressively confronted by three female students. They returned with five men who seemed to have been drinking.

“Four empty beer bottles were found where they had been at the UCT war memorial. Some were not students.”

The group said during the attack‚ a box containing pamphlets‚ academic work‚ clothing and personal belongings disappeared.

UCT spokesman Elijah Moholola said the university was trying to identify the culprits. “The university emphasises that we strive to provide an environment for a diverse community that is affirming and inclusive of all staff and students and promotes diversity in views‚ beliefs and opinions‚” said Moholola.

Philip Rosenthal from the Christian View Network‚ which supports the anti-abortion group‚ said they were trying to obtain pictures of the attackers which were taken by onlookers.


– TMG Digital/The Times/Times Live

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