FILE: Finance MEC Ivan Meyer. Picture: Xolani Koyana/EWN.

FILE: Finance MEC Ivan Meyer. Picture: Xolani Koyana/EWN.


CAPE TOWN – The Western Cape Government will table its budget for the 2017 financial year on Tuesday afternoon.

MEC Ivan Meyer will announce this year’s allocation, expected to be around R50 billion.

Like in the National budget, Meyer is expected to focus on fiscal consolidation and economic growth.

In its mid-term budget, the Western Cape Government said continued weak economic growth and high unemployment rates will place pressure on the province’s already constrained public resources as the demand for public services increases.

The budget is expected to be aimed at addressing the fore mentioned issues, while reducing its expenditure ceiling in line with the reduction announced by Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan, i n his budget speech earlier this year.

The province has also highlighted the importance of infrastructure investment as a key component underpinning economic growth.

Tuesday’s budget is expected to continue on the theme of Integrated Management and Partnering to deliver a Budget for Growth.

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