Suspected Crowbar Gang Arrested In Parow, Cape Town.

Photo: SAPS have arrested four men suspected to be members of a crowbar gang. Image by: supplied by Captain Piet Smit / Times Live

Cape Town- An investigation into house robberies in the northern suburbs of Cape Town‚ involving the modus operandi of a crowbar gang‚ led to their arrest on Friday.

Western Cape policed arrested four men suspected to be members of a crowbar gang.

“An upmarket vehicle‚ of which the number plates were often changed‚ was identified as being used in the commission of these crimes‚” Captain FC van Wyk said in a statement.

On Friday morning‚ various police units responded to information and traced the vehicle to a residence in Frans Conradie Drive in Parow.


“Upon entering the house four men attempted to flee but were arrested by the police‚” Van Wyk said.

Numerous items‚ including a police hand radio‚ flat screen televisions‚ bicycles and a substantial amount of cash‚ were seized.

A crowbar‚ a heavy duty hammer‚ a pick and gloves were found in the BMW parked on the premises.

Three men aged 27‚ 37 and 42‚ and the occupant of the house‚ are to appear in the Bellville Magistrates’ Court on Monday (March 6)‚ on multiple charges related to house-breaking.



Times Live


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