Author: Peter Okafor Angelo.

Paarl police have confirmed that Nicola’s body was found buried on the property of their number one suspect. They would not confirm whether that suspect was her friend Jaco Oosthuizen. The report according to YOU magazine has it that Nicola, also known as Nikki, was last seen on 5 January 2017. Since then her mother, Marlaine Pienaar-Vice, a psychologist in Paarl, has offered various rewards for any information which could lead to her daughter.


Nicola’s friend of the past three months, Jaco (32), was caught in Nicola’s Peugeot car in Port Elizabeth a few days after her disappearance.

The car was filled with books, clothes (including some of Nicola’s clothes), bedding and an axe.

According to police Jaco alleged that he and Nicola left Paarl together on 5 January.

They apparently had a fall out on 7 January and he left her in Oudtshoorn and told her to make her own way back to Paarl. Nicola’s petrol card was then used after that for the last time on 9 January in Krakeel, a small town close to Kareedouw in the Eastern Cape. Police found Jaco in Nicola’s car in an abandoned parking lot in Port Elizabeth soon after.


Marlaine had since reported the vehicle stolen. Jaco appeared in the magistrate court in Port Elizabeth on charges of possession of stolen property and would be sent back to Paarl for a court appearances on Friday.

Marlaine had earlier told YOU that she knew Jaco and had earlier contacted his parents to hear if they knew of Nicola’s whereabouts.



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